Child Support

Child Support in Polk County

Child Support Lawyer Florida

Child Support Lawyer Florida

As any family attorney can tell you, one of the most important components of any family law case involving children is that of supporting the children. Child support laws legally obligate a parent to support their child whether or not they have custody of them. Generally speaking, a parent is obligated to support their child until they turn eighteen years of age or until 19, if they will be graduating high school. Child support is an ordered maintenance of support that can be revisited when changes in income or substantial circumstances occur. From time to time, there will be situations where one party disagrees with the amount that it takes to raise the child and provide for their needs, and in these cases the court determines the amount required for that child.

Child Support Lawyer Florida

The Process

The calculation of child support is generally computed as follows:

The income shares model which combines the income of both parents and allots a fixed percentage of that income, pursuant to child support guidelines for the financial maintenance of the child or children.

The courts, from time to time, will take the following factors into consideration when determining support payments:

  • How much other income each parent receives
  • How many children the parents have together;
  • How much time each parent spends with their children (timeshare);
  • The actual tax filing status of each parent;
  • Support of children from other relationships;
  • Health insurance expenses;
  • Mandatory union dues;
  • Mandatory retirement contributions;
  • The cost of sharing daycare and uninsured health-care costs; and
  • Other factors.

In every case it is the best interest of the child, not the parent, which is considered of top importance by the Court. The Law Offices of Kirk S. Warren believes that with cases involving children, we place the children at the center so that the child or children and our client will benefit to the fullest extent of the law.

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Polk County child support

Unfortunately, there are parties to a dissolution who are less than honest. All too often the children in divorce cases are used as tools to punish the other parent. This is where experienced lawyers will step in and take control of the situation. When it comes to children, any attorney with ethics will work towards the best interests of the child now and in the future. The Law Offices of Kirk S. Warren will always work with our clients to make sure, first, that the child and his or her future is secured.


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