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When a couple marries, they plan to buy a home, have kids, go on vacation and live the “good life”. Divorce is the last thing on their mind. Unfortunately, life does not always go according to plan. People go to great lengths to save their marriage, but sometimes it is not always possible. When reconciliation is out of the question the very last thing you want to do is drag the process out. The Law Offices of Kirk S. Warren understand that people want a quick and painless divorce as possible.

Protecting Our Clients

We want our clients to walk away from a divorce with everything they deserve plus an amicable relationship with their ex-spouse. This is not war and you are not combatants. If there are no other options except to fight we will be there next to you and will litigate your best interests. We have been highly successful in getting our clients everything he or she deserves.


Our Services

Our services include standard contested and uncontested Divorce, Child Custody resolution, Change of Court Orders and Mediation.

When you choose The Law Offices of Kirk S. Warren you will receive compassionate support through this difficult time, as well as, an attorney dedicated to getting you your rightful share of assets. When we take on your case, we are prepared to go the distance – helping you negotiate the Custody of Children, Time-Sharing Rights, Injunctions For Protection and more.

Change in Orders

Sometimes circumstance will change and modifications to court orders are appropriate. Scenarios may include a change in income, job loss or opportunity, and suspicion

of negligent behavior. When our clients need to seek a change in custody or child support orders based off a change of circumstances, we work with you to either mediate the order prior to going through the courts or create an order that will pass a fairness test on the part of a judge. We also facilitate emergency orders so your custody dispute can be heard quickly by the courts.


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