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Child Custody in Polk County

Child Custody Attorney

Child custody is one of the most stressful times a parent can go through. Concerns about everything from what schools their child will attend to what extra-curricular activities they will be involved in. The Law Offices of Kirk S. Warren, LLC will work closely with you to ensure the best possible situation for you and your children.

Who Gets Custody?

Child custody is determined upon several factors. Generally, custody is awarded to the parent who can provide the most stable environment to the children.

Family Court

Unfortunately there are times when custody cannot be resolved through mediation or other amicable means and must be therefore addressed by the court. The Law Offices of Kirk S. Warren, LLC will extrapolate a strategy that will enable the best interests of the child and their custodial parent or guardian to be placed before the court in a way that is appealing and legally correct. Your children’s future is important and so too is working with an attorney that has the experience and knowledge to present your child custody case correctly and effectively.


There are situations where a child is unable to be cared for in the manner that they deserve and it is necessary to remove the child from a situation that could promote physical or psychological harm. The Law Offices of Kirk S. Warren have practiced Family Law throughout Polk County for over 20 years and we know how to work with families and authorities

to create the best possible results for your children.

Change in Orders

Sometimes circumstance will change and modifications to court orders are appropriate. Scenarios may include a change in income, job loss or opportunity, and suspicion of negligent behavior. When our clients need to seek a change in custody or child support orders based off a change of circumstances, we work with you to either mediate the order prior to going through the courts or create an order that will pass a fairness test on the part of a judge. We also facilitate emergency orders so your custody dispute can be heard quickly by the courts.


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